I want to take a minute to let you know how happy we are with Service Master and Accurate Construction. We recently had a sizeable flood with significant building & property damage and called Service Master in a panic for help. You were very sensitive to our emergency & very prompt to get to our place & get started cleaning up. It was great to have your professional help on site so quickly. Accurate Construction then went into action repairing & replacing the damaged portion of the buildings. The transition was so quick & seamless. We can begin to see the outlook for returning to normal MUCH quicker than we ever thought would have been possible. Our sincere Thanks for your  help. You guys are great!

Todd Rannals
Millard Sprinkler/Owner

A few years ago we had a basement remodel, as a result of water damage.  After using ServiceMaster of Bellevue, we used Accurate as part of the repair process.  We had nothing but positive things to say about it.  When it came time to remodel our kitchen, Accurate Restoration was the only bid we secured.  Chris was assigned to our project and we found him to be very professional.  The subcontractors that Accurate hired were very contentious and polite.  In addition, we had appliance and countertop people we hired out separately.  Chris maintained contact with us through phone and email.  He came out periodically to check the work.  The 6 week time frame we requested was extremely tight and yet it was completed on time.  The owners, Lauri and Kevin Bousema take great pride in satisfied customers and outstanding projects!  Many thanks to the entire crew!  It is a pleasure to entertain and cook again.

John S.

The service technicians were courteous and knew what they were doing. I thank them for their prompt and great service.

Richard G

The workers were very courteous and appeared to know their job very well. Jesus was a good Team Leader. He kept me advised of times he would be at the house, and was very prompt. Great job!

Robert C

Friendly staff and don’t appear to cut corners and get the job done properly.

Robert A

The crew was very efficient, very friendly, and very knowledgeable. Jesus was very good and explained what he was doing throughout the entire process.

Teri L

I was particularly impressed by the personable attention and patience that was provided to me. It was not a cut-and-dry situation on what to with our basement. The lead technician was great at allowing me to call my claim agent to be particularly sure on what was going to be covered or not under this unique situation. He allowed me to ask him the needed questions necessary to make the proper decision on what to do. He was very informative to me to educate me on the basement based on his expertise. As a teacher, I greatly appreciated learning from him. Through spending this quality time discussing my situation, also alleviated additional stresses to the situation even I didn’t even expect to happen. So I was more than pleased with our interpersonal communication. Then to top it off, he did great work in cleaning/disinfecting/sanitizing my basement. Thank you!!!

Ryan H

Jesus and Teresa were excellent. They took care of my mom’s house like a pro. It was horrible, my mom was on vacation and we were to take care of the place. A faulty connection in the dishwasher and we had water damage. These guys were great. They got there pretty quickly and started drying things out. Then came the demolition and clean up. These guys were great. They carefully moved all of my mom’s knick knacks and antiques. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. If I ever have a problem, I’ll call these guys first and if I hear of anyone who has had a problem, I’ll let them know about ServiceMaster. Happy and Satisfied.

Mari H

The speed at which the service was provided after the call (less than 2 hours). The professionalism and friendliness of the staff was fantastic and enjoyable – they set my mind at ease following the disaster that occurred due to excessive hot water (ran 11 hours) damaged to two floors. The cost of the cleanup was very acceptable, as was that related to the restoration of our home and personal property. The expertise of the contractors performing the restoration was exceptional – it was nice and easy to deal with one company to do the cleanup and restoration, and we could not have selected a better company to do the work for us.

Bob H

Everyone was more than friendly from day one to the very last day. I was contacted and kept abreast on what was going on through the whole process. The crew that came out did an amazing job.

James M

The people you have working for you are just the BEST. The lead technicians were there for us in our time of need. They helped us with every process of the fire from start to finish. I cannot thank them enough. They both exceeded our expectations for a job WELL DONE. Teresa saved some of the most valuable (sentimental) items that could never be replaced. The crew was there whenever we needed them, very prompt at returning phone calls as well, and we couldn’t have gotten through any of this without the support and help from ServiceMaster. Thank you very, very much.

Eugene R

Willingness and ability to go the extra mile to make the restoration process as pain free as possible. The ServiceMaster crew was easy to work with despite the difficulties involved in our unique situation. The ServiceMaster Project Manager was genuinely dedicated to making this restoration happen – no matter. His personal interest was extra comforting. Thanks very much.

Stuart M

The professionalism yet personal touch of the Project Managers and their staff was great. They took extra care and made us feel like we were the most important. The job was completed when they said it would and for the exact cost we were quoted. The Project Managers went above and beyond to answer all my questions which were many. I truly appreciate all the assistance given during a difficult time.

Nicole W

Responded quickly to service call, technician thoroughly explained the process and followed through with what he said he was going to do. Very professional.

Alicia H

Quick response time. The technicians were very friendly and always kept me informed as to the progress and procedures.

Aaron F